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About us

Everything happens for a reason.

Even the most incredible things. The same happened with us. We have done exactly what people around us said would be impossible – work together and stay friends. The more they kept saying so, the more our challenge grew.

All of us had been for many years involved in different sports and activities, (sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, mountaineering), but this was a new thing and none of us knew if it would work.
We met as four totally different people, four individuals who hardly knew each other. However, all our differences and individual qualities brought out shared love that put us together – love and responsibility towards the nature, adventure, freedom…and these made decision for us.

Is it possible to do things you like, make a living doing it, at the same time not being harmful to your environment? To bring (as many) people (as we can) to the nature and simplicity of life with a minimum of technology? We found the way and set out to achieve our goals.
Using four basic elements: earth, air, water, fire (in us), in combination with sail, paddle, rope, and our bodies as tools, we managed to make ourselves and people around us happier…


Hvar Adventure is locally owned company which provides eco tours guided by Croatian local guides.

dejoDEAN ROIC - has been a skipper all his life, participating in numerous regattas in Croatia and abroad. He has more than 30 years of working experience on sailboats and motor yachts. As a sailing instructor he has taken many people through their first sailing steps. Now he is Hvar Adventure skipper and instructor.



pacoDAMIR PACIC (Pacho) -  finished the study of Italian and English languages. He has climbed in Slovenia, Thailand, the Alps. He is an award winning outdoor photographer. Damir organized and participated in different adventure sports events in Croatia. He is a licenced adventure sports guide and works as a sea kayaking guide in Hvar Adventure.



rikiRICCARDO KUHAR (Riki) -  He graduated at the Faculty of Economics & Business in Zagreb, but never liked the office work since he is a true sailor in his heart .
Skipper, yacht-master and sailing instructor with more than 10 years of everyday sailing experience. He is Hvar Adventure Sailing school instructor and our daily sailing skipper.



veseVESELKA HULJIC (Vese) -  She is an engineer of maritime studies, but she always worked in tourism. A passioned traveler, hiker, sea kayaker; she travelled and hiked in Croatia, India, Nepal. She adores sailing, so she spends every free moment on sailing boats, participating in Hvar Adventure sailing trips and regattas. She is the director and coordinator of Hvar Adventure, as well as hiking and sea kayaking guide.


purkoJOSKO PURKO (Purko) – He finished courses of paragliding, caving, ice climbing in Chamonix, participated in climbing expeditions in Chile 2004. Josko is an authorized instructor of rock climbing (UIAA). He is a licenced adventure sports guide and works as a sea kayaking guide and rock climbing instructor in Hvar Adventure.