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In our Hvar Adventure office loads of people pass through every day, sailors, free – climbers, kayakers, cyclists … one thing they all have in common is a love for sport, nature and fun.  We decided, one night, to make our little office into a free-climbing fun zone, so we organised a free-climbing competition.  As our office is located in an old stone house, what better place to climb than the office walls!  We were climbing the office walls, back and forwards, up and down, with people joining in our fun with big smiles and having a go as well, it was great!

After a while, standing outside the office door and looking at the house and the balcony on the top floor, the decision was made; we have to climb that as well!  With a good rope and a couple of strong sailing knots, our climbers were going up and down while the crowd was getting bigger every second, cheering them up!  At the end of the night, the whole thing turned into a mini HA climbing fest.  We even had young kids, just starting in this sport, having a go at climbing our office walls!  One thing is for sure, we need to do this again, there is no better fun than a a spontaneous night with people having a great time!