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Adriatic regattas – HA club

Sailing in Croatia is getting more and more popular. There are hundreds of various races held during the year on the Adriatic coast. Whether you want races which are more or less demanding, one day or several days long, more or less popular, Croatia and Hvar Adventure has a lot to offer in sailing.

If you have finished Hvar Adventure sailing school, or you are an experienced sailor who would like to do more than just a daily sailing, we offer you to became our Hvar Adventure crew member and participate at one of the exciting Adriatic regattas

If you are an adrenalin lover, contact us on and learn about membership awards at our Hvar Adventure regatta club.

Plan of regattas for 2012:

Dates of Race Name of Race Starting Place Time to Spend Race description
17.02 – 19.02.2012 Carnival regatta Biograd 2 days 1 day race over 2 triangle races; the race is followed by a carnival in the night; the race preferred to be in a costume, besides the usual prizes, there´s also a winner for the best constume
21.04 – 22.04.2012 Zlarin Island regatta Zlarin 2 days 2-day race including navigation and triangle races around the island. The race is combined with very special local tradition food, music and other happenings from Zlarin island. The locals prepare the best traditional hospitality for the racers.
29.03 – 31.03.2012 Easter regatta Vodice 4 days One of the prestige races of the year, with lots of professional sailers and racing boats, sponsors and a big prize. The race is 3 days triangle race with 1 day navigation race to Vis island.
13.04 – 15.04.2012 Susac island regatta Split 2 days  2 days non-stop offshore race starting from Split to Susac island. The race is around 100 miles navigation race, the Susac island being the furthest island from Croatian mainland. Everyone passing the island greets to the lighthouse guard who is the only man on the island.
27.4 – 1.05.2012 Adriatic race Vis 4 days The longest race of the year; 3-4 days non-stop race around the Adriatic archipelago. Route includes Vis-Sv. Andrija (in front of Dubrovnik -Palagruza (the most remote rock  in Croatia) -Vis.
25.5 -27.5.2012 Split -Komiz – Split race Split 3 days 1 day navigation race from Split to Komiza, the most original fishermen’s townlet of the Adriatic. Free second day for a sailing trip and practice to the famous blue cave on Bisevo island. Race back to Split the third day.
15.06 – 17.06.2012 Split – Hvar – Split race Split 3 days Split to Hvar return navigation race , 1 night in the most popular Croatian island experiencing the summer season and the nightlife of the beautiful island.
3.08 – 5.08.2012 Southdalmatian race Orebic – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik 4 days One way race around southern Dalmatian islands from Orebic to Dubrovnik.Over night in the north of Mljet, sailing to the south Mljet and ending party in Dubrovink. With the best season of the year, natural reserved salt lake island and breathtaking south Dalmatian coastline, the race is filled with joy, singing and relaxed atmosphere.
6.10. – 7.10.2012 81. Mrduja regatta Split 2 days The biggest and oldest race in Croatia. Over 300 boats participate in the race. It is 22 miles race from Split to Mrduja which is a rock between Brac and Solta.
1.10- 2.10.2011 Island Solta regatta Split 3 days 1 day race from Split to Solta, over night in a small village in Solta, 1 day back from Solta to Split.  The local people welcome the sailers offering their traditional products and their hospiltality.
9.10.2011 BARCOLANA Trieste (italy) 1 day race, plus 3-5 days from Zadar to Trieste and 3-5days back The biggest and most famous race in the world. Over 3000 boats in the race, 20 miles triangle race around Trieste.  The race is associated with the big sailing fair in Trieste. As part of the race package, we sail from Zadar all the way to Trieste and return.
19.10 – 21.10.2012 68. Island Vis Regatta Split 3 days 1 day navigation race from Split to Vis,  triangle race in Vis habor and 1 day back from Vis to Split. The locals in Vis welcome the sailors with traditional hospitality. It’s an official end of the season race, happy mood all around.
15.11 – 17.11.2012 Race around Jabuka rock Vodice 4 days Non-stop 120 miles offshore  navigation race starting from Vodice going around Volcanic Jabuka Rock located between Croatia and Italy. The unique feeling of sailing in the moon light and sky-full of stars, sun rise, myth of the rock, sun set and the dedicated Jabuka song make the race a dream place to be
23.11 – 25.11.2012 Sibenik town race Šibenik 2 days 2 triangles race in front of Unique Sibenik town in Sibenik bay, it’s at the conjunction of the Krka river and the sea
15.12 – 16.12.2012 Christmas HRM race Split 2 days 1 day triangle race and 1 day navigation race around Split. The race is sponsored by the navy, race expects many navy crews from all around the world.