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Multi-activity week

A week of fun, physical and mental activities, pleasure and new friendships.

Created to suit the needs of most of our clients, the tour is not too demanding, but challenging enough to ensure great time which you will remember for a long time.

The tour includes: sailing, sea kayaking, hiking and introduction to rock climbing.
Level: moderate – tour is created for an averagely fit person.
Daily activity: 3 – 5 h
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Suggested minimum age: 14

Dates 2012:


Welcome drink in the afternoon/evening where You will be introduced to Your guide  and as well as get the opportunity to get know better all members of the team and the group, be informed about the program and make arrangements for the following day.


Daily activity: approx.4 h sailing + 2 h for lunch, snorkelling & swimming

10:00 Sailing to island Vis. We will sail in one of the best parts of the Adriatic, and to the favorite destination for people who love the sea and islands.
This tour is all about the sailing, the poetry of movement as many would call it. It is not easy to put a precise itinerary of this trip, because we leave the choice to the nature, letting the weather and winds guide us. One we can say for sure: you will see beautiful places, beaches, maybe even a cave, enjoy in the best local food and company, hear about the interesting history of our attractive islands Hvar and Vis, the traditional way of living on those islands and much more. Or you can just enjoy the music of the winds, waves and warmth of the sun and dance of  dolphins passing by.
We will stop for swimming and snorkelling (gear is included), so you can explore the underwater world while taking the break. We return back to Hvar around 6pm.


Daily activity: approx. 4.5 h hiking + 2h lunch and swimming

8:00 HIKING tour starts from Hvar town. We will climb to hill above the town, approx. 230m above the sea level and enjoy in a magnificent view of all the surrounding islands. The hiking tour leads us through olive groves and vineyards following ancient paths treaded by locals who still cultivate their land in the same way their ancestors used to do.
Since we continue along seaside there will be chances for swimming in one of beautiful bays on the way. The hiking trail ends in Hvar.
We return back to Hvar around 5pm (depending on how long we stay on the beach).


Daily activity: approx. 3 h kayaking + 2 h lunch, snorkelling/swimming

09:00 Sea-kayaking. The starting point of the kayaking tour is the town of Hvar. We set off to the group of small islands called the Pakleni. The origin of the name goes back to old days when the islands were the main source of rosin for local shipbuilders. Today, just like then, the islands are covered with thick pine woods providing refreshing shade even during the hottest summer days. The kayaking route takes us through narrow straits and along the islands, revealing small hidden pebble beaches where you can enjoy the privilege of having, at least temporarily, a beach of your own. There are a few pleasant bars and restaurants next to the sea offering cold drinks and good food, where we will have our lunch. Along with tasteful food and homemade wine you can enjoy in the peacefulness and the beauty of the scenery. Snorkelling gear is included, so you can enjoy beautiful underwater scenery of Pakleni archipelago. Those who are in their best shape, could kayak all the way to the well-known beach of Palmizana on one of the islands! We return to Hvar around 2:00 pm.


From : 2pm- 6pm

We sail from Hvar to Pakleni islands archipelago. We will spend our afternoon sailing around the labyrinth of islands, stopping in bays for swimming, and a short break on Palmizana beach, so you would have opportunity for a walk on one of the favourite beachs on the island St. Klement that belongs to Pakleni archipelago.

Day 6.  ROCK CLIMBING (guided city tour, or jeep tour instead of climbing)*

Daily activity: approx. 3.5 h
16:30Rock climbing.  You will learn about the gear which you are going to use and basic climbing techniques. If there are experienced climbers in the group, they can choose other more demanding routes.  After climbing you can relax your mussels, swimming in the crystal clear sea. We return to Hvar by sunset around 8 pm.


Relax. Take a break, enjoy in the late breakfast or morning cup of coffee on the Main Square and discover some of the reasons why is Hvar listed among the top 10 destinations in the world! Take a swim chosing your favourite spot on the beach and drink a glass of wine in one of the bars and meet the locals. Taste the unique Hvar atmosphere, having dinner in one of the town’s charming konobas (traditional ‘restaurant’) or go partying, the choice is yours.


Breakfast and transfer to the port of Stari Grad. Ferry to Split.

*For guests who don’t’ want to participate in Rock climbing we have two activities they can choose instead:
GUIDED CITY TOUR – Hvar Town tour with the guide who will explain you more about the history, culture and architecture of the town. The tour takes aprox 1h-1.5h
JEEP TOUR – OFFROAD tour through island. The tour takes approx 3.5-4 hours.

Since this is an active tour, it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment: sports shoes or walking shoes, comfortable sports clothing, sunscreen, hat, water.


Duration of each activity is given approximately and it depends upon weather conditions and the ability of the group.

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