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Windsurf school

If you always wanted to learn how to windsurf, or maybe tried it before but want to perfect your technique, we are offering a surf school lasting a couple of days. It’s never to late to try out this amazing sport, and get connected to the wind and sea, enjoy the sun and more than anything have fun!

The surf school is taking place on Hvar island, in a small place called Vrbovska, that has a great combination of wind and waves, with numerous sunny days.
Depending on your previous knowledge we offer different courses – from pure beginners to people with some previous experience.

Beginners class

This course is purely for beginners. The only requirement is that you know how to swim – our professional instructors will teach you the rest. This course is including 1 hour of theory and practice on a simulator, and 6 hours of practice on the sea. You will learn about the basics of windsurfing, and about the different ways to sail.
After you have finished the course you should be capable of surfing independently on mild wind.

Beginners class for kids

 This course is suitable for kids from 7 to 14 years of age. Ways of surfing and teaching are adjusted for kids, and also the equipment used is smaller and will be chosen depending on the age and size of the children…

Advanced class

 This class will help you learn more techniques, and surfing on stronger wind. Elements like turning down wind, fast turns towards the wind, surfing in so called “trapez”, and starting from the shore are included in this class. You can approach this class after completing the beginners class, or if you have some previous knowledge that you would like renew and improve upon.

Fun course

 This course is suitable for those that have a good knowledge of windsurfing, but would like to learn how to sail in stronger winds. Here you will learn elements such as gliding on waves without keel, different turns down wind, power jibe, race jibe, duck jibe and water start.


Beginners course- 7 hours, equipment included, (3-4 days, 1-2 h/day)  – 109,00 Euro

Course for Kids (7 to 14 years)-7 hours, equipment included (3-4 days, 1-2 h/day)  –  99,00 Euro

Advanced course- 5 hours, equipment included (1-2 h/day)  –  109,00 Euro

Fun course- 3 hours, equipment included, (1-2 h/day)  –  82,00 Euro

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