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Responsible travel policy

Economic resposibility

Hvar Adventure employs local guides. Beside the fact that this kind of employment brings benefits to the local community, local guides are familiar with the area and know the locals, which brings the best quality and necessary ingredients for the perfect Hvar Adventure experience.
We direct our travellers to local private accommodation providers. An overnight in a private accommodation enhances the visitors’ experience, providing an opportunity to be welcomed by local hosts and thus get better insight in the natives’ everyday life on Croatian islands. Also, in this way our travellers contribute to the local economy and quality of life. While on tours we stop for a lunch in family restaurants. Thus the guests have an opportunity to taste some of the typical homemade specialties of the region and at the same time help the local economy.

Environmental Responsibility

At Hvar Adventure all guides are aware of their surrounding and they are constantly providing the travellers with suggestions of how to minimize potential negative impacts to the environment and marine ecosystems.
Our guides emphasize the importance of maintaining the natural environment as it is, keeping the level of human presence and influence to its minimum. We observe the nature but we do not disturb it.
We choose our activities because of the minimum impact they have on the nature. While sailing we use only the power of the wind, for kayaking and walking we use our body and muscles – using as well as developing our own strength.
We do not cause any form of air or water pollution and we try not to produce noise that could be disturbing to marine life.

Social Responsibility

Hvar adventure informs the clients about the current political and social situation in the region (Dalmatia) and the country (Croatia).
We closely cooperate with local cultural institutions and we point our visitors towards local cultural festivals and similar manifestations.
We suggest our travellers visits to the historically, culturally and environmentally important sights on the island and in Croatia in general.
We organize outdoor festivals, in order to promote the adventures and environmental awareness, both to local community and to travellers.