The sea is an integral part of Croatia’s premier island, and to visit Hvar and not experience the magic of sailing its waters would be to miss one of its most important and enjoyable aspects. At Hvar Adventure, we understand that sailing may not be the main reason for everyone to visit the island, and so we have designed several short trips of one day and less, to allow tourists to sample the Hvar sailing experience. Never sailed before? Not a problem. We have ten years’ experience dealing with the very diverse needs of Hvar’s visitors.


VIS ISLAND EXPERIENCE (9am-7pm, off-road jeep tour and lunch included)

Our popular one-day sailing tour is now getting a makeover, connecting the magic of the see with the ancient mysterious history of the Island Vis.
Starting at 9am from Hvar Town, we sail to the fabled island of Vis, the first stop (weather permitting) is a bay close to Vis where there will be sample time for swimming and snorkeling. A stunning tour of the picturesque coves and bays of Vis will follow, regarded by many as Croatia’s most beautiful island, then we sail to the town of Vis where we are heading to our next step toward the exploring of the Island Vis.
Taking you on a unique tour with Jeeps heading to the labyrinth of underground tunnels, see the remains of cannons and abandoned warehouses, we will take a tour of the well-known Tito’s cave and hear all about the most significant historical events that have played here. This tour will take us through the stories about “Battle under Lissa”, British presence on Vis, Battle under Vis.
After you gather all your impressions we will offer you another highlight of our tour, having lunch on our boat as a unique experience to enjoy wine and food watching the magnificent nature and Mediterranean sea, serving you a selection of your chosen meals from our Menu.
The homeward sail begins about 5pm, arriving back on Hvar two hours later, after a full day of sailing, swimming, beaches, coves, good food and great company. An outstanding experience to prepare you for your evening’s entertainment.

Price per person: 145 EURO (1090kn)
Price includes: Boat, Skipper, Fuel, Jeep/Speedboat Tour, Light lunch, Wine, Water, Snacks and Snorkeling gear
NOTES: Sunscreen, Hat, Sport shoes (If possible), Jacket (Recommended for beginning/end of season)
Lunch Provided by Suncani Hvar




PAKLENI ISLANDS SAILING TOUR (9am – 3pm, light lunch included)

Our specially-designed Pakleni Islands Sailing Tour is one of the most popular we offer, affording you a glorious introduction to the emerald jewels of the Pakleni Islands without having to take a whole day.
The Pakleni Islands, the name is popularly translated as Hell’s’ islands (Pakleni: hellish), but it originally derives from paklina, an archaic word, from which pakleni too is derived, that means “tar”, and in this case refers to the pine resin once used to coat ships that was harvested on these islands, offer excellent sailing, and our local skipper will expertly guide you round the most picturesque islands, where you will lose yourself in delightful coves, before choosing one for a swim.
The tour includes two stops, one for a swim and snorkeling Sailing and the other for lunch.
For off season we offer you a lunch on the Island of St. Klement in the unique house of Meneghello family which for over a hundred years has been devoted to creating a paradise of cultural tourism and gastronomy.
In high season we choose a lunch on board (provided service from 5*hotel) to provide you with more free time for swimming and enjoying the sea.

Price per person: 90 EURO (675kn)
Price includes: Boat, Skipper, Fuel, Light Lunch, Wine, Water, Snacks and Snorkeling gear
NOTES: Sunscreen, Hat, Sport shoes (If possible), Jacket (Recommended for beginning/end of season)
Lunch Provided by Suncani Hvar



Half day sailing to Pakleni Islands is a sailing designed just perfectly to fit all your plans to embrace the beauty of Hvar.
Offering you the choices of variable departing times starting either in the morning, afternoon or in the sunset time, this 4 hours sailing trip offers you just the right amount of time to discover the beauty of hidden gems in the archipelago of Pakleni Islands.
Enjoy swimming in the mirror clear water, a glass of delicious wine on the sailing boat, and at the end if you want to add some more magic to all this, you can sail with us into the most beautiful sunset where the sound of the waves is the only music you need.

1. 1. May – 15. August – 9am, 1pm and 5pm
2. 15. August – 30. October – 9 am, 1pm and 3 pm

Price per person: 65 EURO (490kn)
Price includes: Boat, Skipper, Fuel, Refreshment, Snorkeling gear
NOTES: Sunscreen, Hat, Sport shoes (If possible), Jacket (Recommended for beginning/end of season)




While the main sailing season may be in the summer, as the local sailing specialists on Hvar, we are open for business by arrangement all year. Hvar is an ideal sailing destination 12 months of the year, and our skippers are ready to sail with you in the off season as well.
You can combine a full day activity with us and our Hvar Life sister company which will take you on a stunting cycling tours through the breath taking inner of Hvar Island, giving you the opportunity to discover the history and the nature of the Island.
The time schedule is at your choice, also feel free to come with your own ideas and wishes so we can together make a unique specially designed tour just for you.

For booking sailing tour fill in contact for or sent e-mail to: booking@hvar-adventure.com

Let us know if you have any special request