Hvar is Croatia’s premier tourist island, the sunniest in Europe, and the island with the most UNESCO heritage in the world, but did you know that it is also becoming an established triathlon training destination?

The island which has everything… Great beaches, nightlife, nature, food and wine, and many of these elements combine to make it an ideal training ground for triathletes. And for the three disciplines of running, cycling and swimming, is there a more picturesque and challenging terrain in all Europe?

The Adriatic Sea is one gorgeous pristine swimming pool, and Hvar’s swimming sporting potential is perhaps symbolised by the annual Faros Marathon, which has taken place each August for more than 40 years, a 16km open sea swim which attracts the very best in the sport, including Olympic gold medal winners.
Hvar’s stunning coastal roads and hilly interior ones offer diverse challenges to the cycling and running, all against a breathtaking backdrop of beauty on an island which has been named as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world.
And the good news for triathletes coming to the island is that offers the very best triathlon equipment for rent: Rudy Project helmets, Gaerne cycling shoes, Pinarello carbon road bikes with time-trial Graal and FT1. athletes Alex (aspiring triathlete and distace runner), Jelena (ex national TT champion and national cycling team member), Massimo (avid cyclist) and Riccardo (Kona 2015 sub10h finisher, Ironman and Challenge 70.3 age group winner) train every day following a well-developed training plan which perfectly fits the island conditions and terrain.
Daily training includes two sessions combining swim, bike, run and strength training. It can be completely adjusted to your wishes and level of fitness.
It’s much nicer and also more efficient to train together, chat about sport and share experiences.


One session: 15 Euro

One day: 20 Euro

One week: 65 Euro

For booking triathlon training fill in contact for or send an e-mail to: